The yoga summit


Yoga is a practice. It connects us to our inner selves, each other, and a deep peace that resides in us all. Through the practice of yoga, we bring healing to ourselves and humanity, and we can collectively elevate the consciousness of the world.

Why the Yoga Summit?

The Yoga Summit was created to provide accessible, free, and well-rounded yoga teachings for everybody. We’ve collaborated with world-class yoga leaders, so you can truly learn from the best.

We recognize that much of the world’s emphasis on yoga is only posture-related, but yoga has so much more to offer! Yoga is as a way of living, a shift in perspective, and a path to transform ourselves and the world for the better.

Join us on a 21-day transformative journey through different aspects of living a yogic life – from the basics, to yoga for health, and ending with yoga for inner and outer transformation.

The summit is for all levels, including those who are new to yoga. And, it’s free. All you need to do is sign up!

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