Yoga Summit – Free sessions

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in The Yoga Summit. As a way of continuing to support The Yoga Summit community has been started, three of the most popular days of content will stay open – for free, permanently:

1. Day 1 – Jason Crandell – Is Yoga the Same as Exercice?
2. Day 8 – Nicole Vahlkamp – 40 Minute Practice: Pranayama (Breathing) + Sun Salutation 
3. Day 21 – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – Transforming the World One Yogi at a Time

If you missed any of the talks or lessons, or if you would like to listen to them again, you can still purchase a Premium Pass or the Course here.

And in the spirit of love, giving, and equality, we have more surprises coming your way soon! Watch your inbox for updates, or you can stay in touch by following our Facebook Page.

I have to thank you all once again; looking forward to finding out where this journey takes us next!

Written by Terpsichore
I always loved to dance. My name literally means "delight of dancing" and I am the re carnation of the muse of dance. I studied dancing, but this is not enough any more. So much knowledge came to my understanding through the centuries such as yoga and pilates and other forms of body exercises.I don't want to miss any of those..!