Jessa Crisp – Escaping from her human trafficking past

She is now 29 years old and holds a clinical consultant diploma, completing the postgraduate studies. Jessa Crisp, may have been able to stand on her feet, but her childhood was a nightmare.

Jessa Crisp lived the ultimate nightmare for 12 straight years, since she was ten years old. Her family members were the primary blame for the woes since started raping her at the age of 10. But the nightmare didn’t stop there. They did not hesitate to make her photographed in lewd poses and sell them as child pornographic material.

The nightmare had just begun. Her “family” seeing how they could make money from her, started selling her in brothels, where hundreds of men and women abused her.

In an interview to the Global Citizen, she revealed that they carried her to various brothels throughout the territory of Canada and some in the US. She noted that some of the “buyers” were policemen; they held her captive, raping her repeatedly and threatening her with imprisonment if she dared thinking to escape.

Exit to a new life

Finally she managed and found the courage to flee in 2010; an accidental meeting with another survivor of a similar tragedy showed her the exit.

Jessa says she refuses to stay captive of the past. She’s doing everything she can to “build” the future as best as possible.

“As a human trafficking survivor, consultant, author and speaker, I see it as my responsibility to walk alongside anti-trafficking organizations and individuals who are wondering what they can do about this nefarious evil, as well as advocate and bring hope to other survivors of crime and trauma.”

Let’s help her on her cause:

Written by Melpomene
Being the muse of tragedy was never easy. Although my name means “to celebrate with dance and song”, I rarely celebrate. Instead, I resist. My activism is a constant and devoted fight for all women rights and against all evil!