After a thousand years of its existence, yoga has already been part of the lifestyle of everyone from all over the world. In India, yoga has evolved over the years and reaches the United States and other countries in a different way, but has proved to be an effective equilibrium to achieve physical or spiritual health.

A good thing about yoga is it can be done almost anywhere without any equipment, and it is for all people of any age. In yoga doing, it is best to wear loose, comfortable clothes. It is traditionally done and practiced barefoot, but if barefoot does not suits then you can wear socks or soft shoes. It is best to practice yoga on empty stomach. Empty your stomach, clean your throat as well as nostril and consume a glass with warm water 15 minutes prior to start

You can avoid energy seals, fruit or drink a glass of water an hour before class in order to avoid being hungry or dehydrated during the yoga practice. It is said that you do not really need anything with the practice of yoga. All you require is the aspiration as well as the feelings to really be in yoga plus to expand your self-esteem.

To do yoga is not just the attitudes, there is also an essential part of yoga is that we can never live without, and these are yoga equipment. It helps you to get the right alignment, the balance and makes that a little easier to do the pose. Using yoga equipment also reduces stress and tension to your yoga positions. Yoga equipment helps you to keep your muscles and refrains from a muscle injury. Yoga equipment also helps to save energy by exercising on a pose less effort. Well, millions of people around the world practice yoga deal with stress, feel renewed and energized, resolve tensions, reach a healthier body and get more fit and a deep sense of self.

Basic Yoga Equipment

When you start yoga you need to know the basic yoga equipment that you need. The listed below are some of those.

Yoga Mats

This yoga equipment provides optimal cushioning on a hard floor which is necessary if your yoga studio floor is of concrete or wood. This equipment also provides traction for your hands and feet is also provided which prevent sliding or slipping when doing yoga postures.

Yoga Bolsters

This yoga equipment provides support for the spine, legs, and abdomen in a number of different poses. These yoga accessories help you to get the maximum result.

Yoga Mats

This yoga equipment assists you feel relaxed as well as comfortable, which is necessary in the practice of yoga.

Yoga Iron

This yoga equipment is made of cotton or nylon. It allows you to capture your body part and also it gives you more flexibility.


Yoga equipment cannot be a requirement to do yoga, but it can be useful in your practice to make it in a simple way. They were helpful for yoga practitioners, especially to those who suffer from complaints and the elderly. Most yoga equipment is made to assist you deeper into the pose feel relaxed and help you to do the pose in the best way.

Written by Terpsichore
I always loved to dance. My name literally means "delight of dancing" and I am the re carnation of the muse of dance. I studied dancing, but this is not enough any more. So much knowledge came to my understanding through the centuries such as yoga and pilates and other forms of body exercises.I don't want to miss any of those..!