Philosophy, the very word, means love for wisdom, and they have nothing to do with wisdom at all. Wisdom happens only through meditation; it never happens by collecting information. It happens by going through a transformation.

Wisdom is the flowering of your consciousness, the opening of the one-thousand-petaled lotus of your being. It is the release of your fragrance, the release of the imprisoned splendor.Real philosophy has nothing to do with thinking; on the contrary it has everything to do with transcending thinking, going beyond and beyond thinking, going beyond mind, reaching to the pure space of no-mind.

Out of that space something flowers in you. You can call it Christ-consciousness, Buddhahood, or whatsoever you like. That is true philosophy.


Written by Polyhymnia
I am the muse of hymns. I’ve been elegant back in ancient Greece, I am also sophisticated and elegant on my current reincarnation. I like to study endlessly therefore I have many diplomas and PhD hanging on my house’s walls. Philosophy is my stand and everything that derives from it.